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Fun & Engaging Activities!

mplifyr is an incentive platform where you can engage, have fun and get rewarded with your favourite businesses and organizations where ever you are in the world! Forget points scattered across different programs, a wallet full of loyalty cards and time limits on your points. You decide how you want to be rewarded! Change is finally here!

Earning with a twist.

On mplifyr you have the opportunity to earn not just from one business but potentially from all your favorite businesses, organizations and us!


Businesses use mplifyr to create fun, rewarding and engaging experiences for you! This means you can earn by spending, redeeming discounts (yes, earn when you redeem discounts), completing custom activities they create, providing feedback, attending their promotions & events and more!

Look out for these Reward Activities from Businesses!

  • Purchase activity: every time you spend you earn points
  • Freebies activity: empty your wallets of punch/coffee cards, earn points for repeat purchases and easily keep track of when you'll get your free coffee(or what's on offer)!
  • Cashback activity: reach a points limit and receive a cash back offer!
  • Discount activity: find discount vouchers here and when you use them instantly earn points too
  • Referral activity: refer a business to friends and family and you both earn when your friend makes their purchase!
  • Feedback activity: earn points for giving your feedback.
  • Join a program activity: simply earn points by joining a business's program
  • Custom activity: Look out for custom activities created by businesses, simply participate and earn!
  • Click a Link activity: help support businesses and click the link they have selected for you to view.

We call charities, non-profits, schools and associations that use mplifyr: Organizations. Organizations use mplifyr to create fun rewarding and engaging experience for you while they highlight their cause! They can reward and recognise you for volunteering, donating, attending their events or any custom activity they create.


We reward you for interacting on mplifyr too! We reward you for recruiting your favorite businesses you wish to earn from, inviting friends, logging in daily, reducing your emissions at home, using the Like Facebook button (see Facebook Rush!) and more.

How does it work?

When you complete specific reward activities, you can earn two things: Universal Points & Credits.

Universal Points earned can be used to redeem item and cash vouchers from businesses, gain status and member privileges.

Credits earned can be used for fun things like voting for businesses to join mplifyr, helping organizations gain a share of our fundraising money pool, the Pile O'Cash, and more!

To find out more about Universal Points & Credits go to the Help Section!

Enjoy the rewards your way!

You can redeem with any business on mplifyr or from us to gain a range of benefits, cash....or why not treat yourself to a mystery gift!

We make it easy for you to redeem your Universal Points with businesses. Simply jump on mplifyr and search for your favorite businesses to check out the latest item and cash vouchers available.

All you have to do is choose your preferred voucher from the options available. Once this is done, your Universal Points will be automatically deducted from your account balance and the voucher will be saved to your account ready for you to use.

You choose when, where and how you want to redeem your Universal Points!

To find out more on how to redeem your Universal Points with Businesses head to the Help Section.

You have more redemption options on offer with mplifyr, choose from cash, mystery gifts or exchange them for airline or reward points with your favorite participating loyalty programs!

Be Recognized

Badges are another way you can engage with businesses and organizations. Collect them from your favorite businesses, get recognized for your efforts and potentially gain fantastic benefits for it! So start now!

There are 5 different levels of badges you can achieve, and so the more you earn, the more benefits you can gain!

What benefits?

Businesses can attach cool benefits and privileges onto each badge like

  • VIP Service
  • Guaranteed reservations
  • Or with awesome prizes

So be sure to keep a look out for those badges, because each business will have different incentives just right for you. If you're a top star, you deserve to be recognised!

Earn status, gain greater reward benefits.

You can earn status when you spend and interact with businesses on the platform. The more you spend, the more Universal Points you earn and the closer you get to earning universal status. If you gain a status level below, you'll receive bonus Universal Points from us!

Earn at least 50,000 Universal Points in a given membership year

Opal members get a 10% bonus on Universal Points earned for every purchase activity. Lifetime Opal status can be achieved when you accumulate 3 million Universal Points from the date you join.

Earn at least 300,000 Universal Points in a given membership year

Diamond members get a 15% bonus on Universal Points earned for every purchase activity, they also gain an advantage in our cash exchange and receive a 25% bonus in our loyalty point conversions (See Loyalty Exchange for more details). Lifetime Diamond status can also be achieved when you accumulate 10 million Universal Points from the date you join.

Earn at least 1,000,000 Universal Points in a given membership year

Infinity members get a 20% bonus on Universal Points earned for every purchase activity, they also get the ability to gain an advantage in our cash exchange, all-access pass to all VIP Clubs on mplifyr and a 50% bonus in loyalty point conversions (See Loyalty Exchange for more details). Lifetime Infinity status is achieved when you accumulate 30 million Universal Points from the date you join.

Fun challenges with positive benefits.

Pile O'Cash

When businesses pay us, a portion of it goes directly into our money pool called the Pile O' Cash. The Pile O'Cash is then set aside to be given to Organizations on mplifyr.

It's up to you to help your favorite Organizations gain the biggest share!

Simply use the Credits you have earned to vote for your favorite charities, non-profits, schools and associations, the Organization with the most votes gain the largest share of the Pile O' Cash!

So get voting before the countdown runs out!

The Pile O'Cash lets every member be involved in creating positivity: on and off the platform!

The Infinity Challenge

mplifyr invites members to earn and participate in our status challenge, where the number of activities you complete is measured in Credits, the more you earn the faster you can get to our highest status, Infinity!

As an Infinity status member every time you spend with any business on mplifyr, you receive (from us) an extra 20% bonus on the Universal Points you've earned!

To make this a truly fun challenge we have set a countdown, the top 20 members in every session is awarded the Infinity status. So why not get together with your friends and let the games begin!

Relax, we've taken the pain away from earning rewards!

We want to give you rewards and benefits the way you want.

Transfer Universal Points to anyone

Transfer your Universal Points to your friends, family, your neighbour... no maximum limits. You can transfer as many Universal Points that you've earned from businesses, all you need to do is check your transfer balance. It's that easy!

Join programs with one click

Gone are the days of filling out forms to join your favorite programs. Once you have signed up to your mplifyr account, you can join as many programs you like with one click of the "Hook" button. To leave a program, simply click the button again. Look for and join your favorite programs now! Can't find your programs, hit the mplifyr menu and start recruiting your favorites businesses and get rewarded too!

No more cards; your username is all you need

You no longer need to carry a wallet full of loyalty cards anymore. Just remember your mplifyr username to recite in-store or enter it online with businesses and organizations on mplifyr. For the more tech-savvy you can use our free iTunes app to scan your personal QR code.

10% bonus from your favorite business

When your favorite business enrolls you on to mplifyr and their program, you get a 10% bonus of Universal Points every time you spend and participate in their purchase activities.

When you sign up to mplifyr yourself, you can choose your favorite business to receive this 10% bonus for life! This means every time you spend and earn Universal Points with this business you receive an extra 10% bonus of Universal Points from us! See our Help Section to find out how.

Your privacy is important to us.

We take your privacy very seriously. That is why you can't sign up on mplifyr through third party sites like Facebook or Twitter. Plus we don't require you to enter your credit card details or any other financial information to hold an account with us, your membership is free.

Here are some tips to maintain your privacy or to remain anonymous on mplifyr:

  1. Select a Username that does not include your first or last name. (ex: +joecitizen)
  2. Don't post a picture of yourself.
  3. Select "NO" in your Details and Settings for the question, "Allow others to search for me by my name and username?"

Why we built mplifyr.

We were fed up with all of the things that we saw wrong and annoying with rewards, loyalty and incentive programs today. We found that a lot of programs today was scattered, lacked flexibility, value or that personal touch. We wanted to change the loyalty and rewards landscape so that everyone involved gains the benefits they deserve.

We're proud to deliver an engaging experience where you can interact with businesses and organizations beyond dollars and cents so you can earn the reward and feel special no matter where you are in the world.

Who we are

We're a young, vibrant company comprising of a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in law, finance, IT, accounting, marketing and with a passion for entrepreneurship. Our offices are located in Houston, TX and Sydney, Australia and we have partners in South Africa, Europe and Asia.

If you have any questions about our parent company, SEiiAN Rewards, or if you would like to know more about mplifyr, please contact us.

How to reach us.

SEiiAN Rewards Pty Ltd
Suite 109 (Rear Door), 26-32 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont, NSW 2009
+61 1300 SEIIAN (734 426)

mplifyr LLC
2800 San Jacinto Street #3B-6
Houston, TX 77004
United States of America

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