It's all about my benefits.

You deserve to have fun while earning rewards!

mplifyr ('amplifier') is an incentive platform where you can engage, have fun and gain rewards from businesses and organizations all over the world. Forget points scattered across different programs, a wallet full of loyalty cards and restrictions on reward and redemption activities. You can also receive exclusive member benefits such as VIP treatment, special access to events, promotions and so much more.

Earning with a twist.

You can earn for spending, using discount vouchers (yes, earn points when you use your discounts), engaging with businesses and organizations, giving feedback, attending events, volunteering, donating and more. When you participate in reward activities to earn, you earn two things: Universal Points & Credits. Learn more >>

Achieve status & earn even more benefits.

The more Universal Points you earn, the quicker you achieve universal status. Achieving status allows you to earn bonus Universal Points and member benefits: (e.g. access to VIP clubs). Learn more >>

What can you redeem with your Universal Points?

Redeem your Universal Points for item and cash vouchers, points in participating loyalty programs, cash and mystery redemptions. Redeem from any business on mplifyr: there are no limitations! Earn from one redeem from another! Learn more >>

A robust, reliable platform & quality support service.

Our team is committed to providing all our members with a valuable and engaging platform experience this includes a dedicated support team to help you with all your needs.

Member features no one else has.

Do you find it difficult to keep track of your reward points and what, where and when you can redeem them? Are there a lot of rules and restrictions to transfer your loyalty points? Or is your wallet being taken over by your loyalty and reward cards?
Learn more >>

It's free.

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