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Engagement is the name of the game.

Businesses need more than social media to build loyalty. They must start with the basic building blocks of loyalty: emotional engagement, customer satisfaction, high quality customer service, making customers feel special and last but not least provide them with in-demand, quality goods and services.

Further by interacting with customers, getting their feedback, giving exclusive benefits and keeping their interest, these experiences can make your business more valuable to them. Combine these in an incentive program with a variety of rewards and benefits, and you'll endure over others!

mplifyr, gives you the tools to create meaningful engagement beyond discounts and daily deals, plus the ability to keep track of it to give you actionable information!

You can create over 50 different combinations of earning and redemption activities, custom activities, benefits to suit your customers' diverse interests and purchasing habits.

How is mplifyr different?.

  • It's a powerful customer loyalty system that allows you to create your own fully customizable program, for your business.
  • It's very affordable and business-friendly. You're not required to sign contracts, pay monthly or set up fees; pay-as-you-go with no obligation.
  • Have fun with members and create over 50 different combinations of customizable earning and redemption activities to emotionally engage your target audience.
  • Create item and cash vouchers for members to redeem with their Universal Points.
  • Create VIP and Employee Clubs to segment your top performing customers and employees to incentivize and reward them for their loyalty.
  • Get effective and easy to understand analytics to better incentivize your customers.
  • A fully patented Universal Points system that gives businesses a global reach.
  • All types of businesses can use mplifyr - brick and mortar, online, medium, large conglomerate, professional services.

For more information go to our Help Section!

What are the benefits of a global network?

When you join mplifyr, you're joining a network of businesses. This network attracts individuals from all over the world seeking a flexible, one-stop shop of incentive programs rather than a scatter of them with differing, fragmented point values and restrictions on redemptions.

More importantly, by being in a network, your business can participate with other businesses and get rewards too like B2B transactions


What other benefits does mplifyr give businesses?

Every time you purchase Universal Points from mplifyr, a portion of the US$110.00 that you pay us goes directly into a money pool called the Pile O' Cash. This Pile O' Cash is distributed to charities, non-profits, schools and associations -this is our way to create postivity by building a your program on mplifyr your business directly supports this goal too!

If you are looking for more tangible benefits, look at our Status section!

It's straightforward. Pay As You Go!

Sign up and start customizing your business profile for free. To start building your program activities, you must first purchase the Universal Points you will reward your customers. There are no set up costs, monthly fees or additional charges for any of our special features; it's all included with our easy to use and risk-free pay as you go system.

How does it work?

Universal Points are purchased in lots. 1 lot = 4,400 Universal Points = US$110.00 (inclusive of Sales Tax, GST, VAT, etc.) This is only 2.5 US cents per Universal Point.

Similar to your pre-paid mobile phone, when you run out of your Universal Points to give customers and members, simply top up through our secure PayPal link!

Get points other ways

You can also get Universal Points in two other ways.

Earn them from other businesses on mplifyr (B2B)

Yes! your business is a member on mplifyr too! You can earn Universal Points when you spend with other businesses on mplifyr. Simply complete a purchase activity they have in their program..

mplifyr feature: You can reuse the Universal Points you've earned to reward your customers again!

Otherwise like any program your business can receive the benefits by redeeming the points in other B2B transactions.The choice is yours!

Get them from your customers!

When you set up redemption activities the points you receive from your customers are yours to use again! So the more your customers redeem from you the more points you have in your points balance to reward them back again!

Build Your Program in minutes.

Start with our basic features

Give Rewards for Spending

There are 3 ways to reward customers for spending:

  1. Give Universal Points per unit of currency spent.
    "Ex: Earn 1 Universal Point for every $1 spent."
  2. Give fixed Universal Points if they make a minimum purchase.
    "Ex: Earn 25 Universal Points for every purchase over $5.00."
  3. Give fixed Universal Points if they buy a specific product or service.
    "Ex: Earn 30 Universal Points for purchasing a haircut."

Give Cash Vouchers

Offer members cash vouchers for them to redeem with their Universal Points.
"Ex: Get a $50 cash voucher from us in exchange for 5,000 of your Universal Points."

Give Item Vouchers

Offer members goods or services vouchers for them to redeem with their Universal Points.
"Ex: Receive a coffee machine in exchange for 5,000 of your Universal Points."

Customize your program with

Rewards for Discounts

Discounts done our way. Our discount activity allows you to reward members for using a discount voucher, based on the discounted price. For example, if a member redeems a 50% discount off $100.00, you must reward the member with 50 Universal Points. This is all done automatically.


Create a promotion for your customers on top of the basic purchase activity to really incentivize members for a fixed period or a calendar event!
"Ex: The first 50 members will earn an extra 50 Universal Points when they do our purchase activity on Mother's Day!"

Freebies or Cash Back Offers

Forget those coffee punch cards, set a freebie offer here on mplifyr and everything is automatically calculated each time a member transacts with you! If you don't sell coffee, pick any item you want or offer a cash back when a customer earns a set amount of points with you!
"Ex: "Buy 10 times, Get 11th Free!" or "Earn 500 Universal Points from us, get a $10 cash back voucher!"

Our best features yet

Give Rewards for a Custom Activity

This is your ticket to a truly unique and individual program. Create your own custom activity to reward members (check-ins, treasure hunts, attending events, anything you want)!!

Or why not try these activities

Click a Link - it can be your website, Facebook page or Youtube channel!

Joining My Program - all your customers need to do is click one button!

Giving Feedback - want answers from your customers? Ask them for feedback and reward them!

4 reasons to enroll your customers.

Anyone can sign up to mplifyr and join your program, however when you enroll your own customers, you gain benefits from it. .

You hook them for life!

Customers you enroll are "hooked" on to your program permanently. They'll always belong to your incentive program and they can never unhook you.

Gain Visibility

Your business name and logo will be permanently visible in their account every time they log on or receive an email from mplifyr.

Bonus Points

Every time your enrolled customers spend and earn with you, they will receive an extra 10% bonus of Universal Points from us! We want to reward your customers for supporting you!

Your effort, your information

When you've enrolled a customer, their details will always be available to you to help you build the best program they deserve!

Get access to member information

You can download (to Excel) the details of members you enroll such as their full name, username, and email. If they provide their address and telephone number, you'll receive this too.

Transacting takes seconds.

Give Universal Points, redeem customer vouchers, reward badges, send VIP club invitations, check member details and benefits. It's fast and easy. You choose how to transact.

We have a dedicated transact-only page to confirm activities on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Simply log on, enter either the customer's username, email or membership ID to find, confirm and reward in seconds.

You can set up individual employee accounts to create multi-transaction terminals and maintain your level of security.

Use the free iTunes mobile app

Our iTunes mobile app allows you to scan customers' QR codes to confirm their details and the activity completed when they display it to you from their mobile device or you can simply ask them for either their username, email or membership ID and enter it into the app.

Integrated POS system

You can integrate with mplifyr via an open Application Programming Interface (API) to our basic features. Instructions are available in our Build section, or contact us on for further details.

Your program can earn you status!

You can gain member status to receive fantastic benefits!

Purchase over US$50,000 (or equivalent) in a membership year

Opal members get a 5% bonus every time they buy Universal Points. For example, for US$110.00, they'll receive 4,620 Universal Points instead of 4,400 Universal Points. Opal members are also provided one free set up of our API to their online store.

Purchase over US$200,000 (or equivalent) in a membership year

Diamond members get a 10% bonus every time they buy Universal Points. For example, for US$110.00, they'll receive 4,840 Universal Points instead of 4,400 Universal Points. Diamond members are provided one free set up of our API to their online or physical store.

Purchase over US$500,000 (or equivalent) in a membership year

Infinity members get a 20% bonus every time they buy Universal Points. For example, for US$110.00, they'll receive 5,280 Universal Points instead of 4,400 Universal Points. Infinity members are also provided up to three free set ups of our API to either their online or physical store.

A new way to gain visibility

All businesses are ranked according to the number of Universal Points they've purchased from mplifyr. This is because a portion of what they pay for Universal Points goes directly to charities, non-profits, schools and associations. The higher they're ranked, the greater their visibility.

Each business is listed under categories on mplifyr ex: "Retail" or "Beauty", you can also see the rank within each category they are listed under.

Analytics that gives you actionable information.

We have simplified analytics for you. Our robust platform gives you a summary of your activities, from how your customers earn and redeem in your program, your top customers, your demographics and the averages of activities used on the platform. Use the information to create the best program for your customers.

More engaging and superior features.

We understand businesses are not all the same so we have provided a whole range of features for our businesses to use. The features here are what we believe will take your program to the next level!

Our pride and joy: the Universal Points system

A Universal Point system allows your customer to earn and redeem with your business and others on mplifyr (in your hometown or city, when they travel for work, or shop online!) This gives you and your customers the flexibility and value not available to them on any other platform or program. Our system is patented and the first gamified, global platform of it's kind!

Reward beyond points

Reward members for being a brand avocate or as a thank you with 5 levels of fun badges. Exclusive benefits or privileges can also be added to the badges such as "no waiting in line" or "complimentary tour". It's your choice. You decide what benefits to give, not us!

Engage your VIPs and employees

It's important to build on your customer's loyalty and to develop and keep your brand advocates. To make them feel extra special, you can segment and reward your most valued customers in a VIP Club.

Further you also have the ability to incentivize your employees by creating an Employee Club in your program. Try creating custom activities for your Employee Club or provide greater rewards to get them in reward and redemption activities.

Earn for your business (B2B)

With the Universal Points system your business can now earn and redeem rewards when you participate in B2B transactions on mplifyr, just like customers can from your program.

You can use your earnings to redeem item and cash vouchers from businesses on mplifyr or recycle them to reward members again. Simply provide your details to your B2B vendors like your customers in your own program. No cards or complicated details, just use your unique username. It's that easy!

Follow your favorites

You can "hook" other businesses to follow them and keep up with what's new in their programs.

Build your Content

You can post articles, blogs and videos in your incentive program for members to see when they engage with your program, all for free. Each article or video has its own unique URL.

Send beautiful, targeted emails

You can send emails to members with your latest program activities. You are able to personalise it with your links (social media, website, email), one or all your current program activities and a personal message too. You can also target the audience to email by gender and age group.

Build a coalition

Are you part of a local community, co-op or shopping complex? Do you have a parent brand you associate with?

This parent brand can be used to create a coalition program on mplifyr. For example, a large shopping center may want a program for their tenant stores. This coalition will be in charge of purchasing the Universal Points from us, on behalf of your businesses. This allows the participating business to gain the benefits of a common brand as well as maintaining their own brand. Ask us how.

Why we built mplifyr.

We believe any business should be able to give rewards, incentives and benefits that match supermarket and airline loyalty programs. These programs have vast resources behind them to cover the huge set up and running costs. Businesses that lack these resources is the reason why we built mplifyr.

With mplifyr business can now create their own powerful, customized program to stay competitive in customer loyalty and their industry, but at a fraction of the cost.

No matter where you are in the world or what currency you operate in your business can use mplifyr because of our patented Universal Point System. It is truly a one of a kind system in the marketplace today. Your customers can earn and redeem with ease in a stable environment.

We are proud to deliver a system designed to give you and your customers a truly engaging experience beyond dollars and cents, yet still maintain a personal touch.

Who we are

We're a young, vibrant company comprising of a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in law, finance, IT, accounting, marketing that has a passion for entrepreneurship. Our offices are located in Houston, TX and Sydney, Australia and we have partners in South Africa, Europe and Asia.

If you have any questions about our parent company,
SEiiAN Rewards, or if you would like to know more about mplifyr, please contact us.

How to reach us.

SEiiAN Rewards Pty Ltd
Suite 109 (Rear Door), 26-32 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont, NSW 2009
+61 1300 SEIIAN (734 426)

mplifyr LLC
2800 San Jacinto Street #3B-6
Houston, TX 77004
United States of America

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