Engagement builds loyalty.

Any business can now have an affordable & powerful incentive program.

Create your own incentive program powerful enough to rival large programs, but at a fraction of the cost.
Collaborate with other businesses so your customers can collect universal points and redeem them wherever they want.


How it's completely different.

Build activities that allow you to emotionally engage, provide memorable experiences, special treatment and valuable member benefits to your customers. Learn more >>

Reward customer behavior in over 50 ways.

With over 50 different combinations of customizable earning and redemption activities, you can design a program to reach your business goals. Learn more >>

Reward your brand advocates.

Segment and reward your VIPs, employees and returning customers more. After all, they contribute the most to your business. Learn more >>

The secret ingredient that's included.

Emotionally connected customers are the secret sauce to building loyalty. Give exclusive member benefits such as the "best seat in the house", "personal shopper" attention or any benefit you want to create. Learn more >>

How much it costs.

All you purchase are the Universal Points you'll reward your customers with when they complete the activities in your program.
Each Universal Point costs 2.5 cents and you can pay via PayPal. When you run out, simply top up. Learn more >>

Transact in seconds.

Transact with your customers using mplifyr, our free mobile app on iTunes or through your website or POS using an API. Learn more >>

Receive instant positive branding.

All businesses on mplifyr support charities, non-profits, schools and associations. A portion of your purchase goes into a money pool, called the Pile O' Cash, which is given to these organizations at least four times a year.

Attentive customer service 24/7.

We're in timezones at opposite ends of the world so we're here for you no matter where you are.

More features we didn't have room to write about.

Your business can earn and redeem with other businesses on mplifyr. Build your own coalition, send beautiful emails of the activities in your program to customers, get your own vanity URL pointing directly to your program and more. Learn more >>

It's for any business and free to join.

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